9th Annual Benefit Art Show

An event supporting Smile Train

Galleria on Third celebrated its 9th Benefit Art Exhibit with From the Heart… an event supporting Smile Train and featuring the art work of Shadin Hossain.

Galleria on Third began hosting benefit art shows six years ago in response to a news piece that featured young African children who were dying due to starvation and disease. The owner of the gallery, Shadin Hossain, felt a call to action and the next day started planning the very first Galleria on Third Benefit Art Show, with monies raised going to World Vision. The following events benefited Smile Train, Bellevue Hospital, World Vision’s Clean Water Initiative, and many others. The shows featured upcoming artists as well as better known names including Romero Britto, DeLaVega, Sandy Kenyon, DeGroom, Carson Kressley, Rafal Olbinsky and Marc Tetro, all who dedicated their time and talents in the hopes of supporting the fantastic causes, Galleria on Third and Shadin.

What made this event special was that it featured the work of Shadin Hossain, master framer, turned artist. His colorful work is a vibrant blend of pop and folk art. It is unique in style and scope. Because, he created the Benefit Art Show Series out of a genuine need to help, it is only appropriate that this exhibit be called “From the Heart”… (looking closely at the pieces, you will find hearts in almost all the pieces as a reminder of why he creates his art).

Proceeds was donated to an amazing organization called The Smile Train, who help provide free surgeries, through generous donations, for needy children with cleft lip and palate.


Shadin came to New York from Bangladesh 18 years ago at the age of 17,  Like many immigrant young men that come here with no knowledge of the language or culture he took whatever available job that he could find, pizza delivery shop cleaning, whatever.  After a couple of years he got lucky and went to work for a framing gallery.  Art having been a lifetime hobby his enthusiasm for the work helped him to excel beyond expectations.  One thing led to another and before you know it he opened his own custom framing gallery.  Twelve years later his Galleria on Third showroom gallery has established a superb reputation for it’s museum quality framing.  In addition to framing and art selling Shadin has sponsored eight benefit art exhibitions in partnership with World Vision and The Smile Train, raising monies for needy children worldwide.

For the past couple of years Shadin has been taking some of the art prints in his inventory and using a process he developed to transform fine art prints into a sophisticated three dimensional design that greatly enhances two dimensional images.  3-D.  Finally after so many years of framing selling, restoring and enhancing the works if others, he has finally gotten back to his youthful hobby.

Visit Galleria on Third today and you’ll get a dose of Shadins own colorful, playful collage paintings.  The style is singular the works are not only original but one of a kind.  Thanks to his experience and facilities the art works are complete with museum quality framing. All in all the developing voice of this emerging artist has a way of inviting the viewer to a happy and peaceful state of mind.


The Smile Train is dedicated to helping the millions of children in the world who suffer from cleft lip and palate through free surgery for children, and free training for doctors. Since 1999, they have provided free cleft surgery for more than 300,000 children who could not afford it. They have helped support hundreds of

cleft treatment, training and education programs in more than 70 countries, and provide free resources for cleft care professionals around the world. They provide free surgery to more than 200 children every day.

And the ones who are lucky enough to find a Smile Train free cleft surgery program, not only survive, they thrive. After a 45 minute surgery hands them back their future, and a second chance at life that they never thought they’d get.

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