8th Annual Benefit Art Show

Benefit Art Show Collaboration with celebrated artist Dennis Wood and The Smile Train to benefit needy children who suffer from cleft lip and palate.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this benefit art show possible especially to Dennis Wood. We would also like to thank everyone who gave their contributions towards this event to help the needy children who suffer from cleft lip and palate.

All proceeds were donated to an amazing organization called The Smile Train, who help provide free surgeries, through generous donations, for needy children with cleft lip and palate.


For over 30 years, Canadian artist Dennis Wood has been “playing with his food” first as a child then as a professional food stylist. His own modern photographic exhibitions feature the unmanipulated use of gelatin, creating kaleidoscopic textures reflecting light. The gelatin as medium infuses Wood’s work with a visceral physicality digital imaging cannot, and yet the abstractions of color, shadow, and ribboning illumination allows for abstract meditation that transcends any working methodology. Wood’s limited edition digital print photography captures the intricacies of this unusual and beautiful medium.


The Smile Train is dedicated to helping the millions of children in the world who suffer from cleft lip and palate through free surgery for children, and free training for doctors. Since 1999, they have provided free cleft surgery for more than 300,000 children who could not afford it. They have helped support hundreds of cleft treatment, training and education programs in more than 70 countries, and provide free resources for cleft care professionals around the world. They provide free surgery to more than 200 children every day.

And the ones who are lucky enough to find a Smile Train free cleft surgery program, not only survive, they thrive. After a 45 minute surgery hands them back their future, and a second chance at life that they never thought they’d get.

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